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History of MCD Partners

MCD Partners was established in 2012 by Dr. Mary C. McDonald in response to the expressed growing need for experts in the field of education, particularly in the area of urban schools, to provide consultative guidance and strategic planning for schools, school systems, foundations and strategic groups who are exploring new models for success for schools that are educationally and/or financially fragile, or thriving schools seeking to serve students who are economically disadvantaged, or international students, by providing outstanding educational opportunities, through scholarships or other unique outreach programs. Critical to strategically planning the success of such endeavors is the site-specific approach MCD Partners takes in the strategic assessment of the structure in place, including, but not limited to, leadership, operations, governance, finance, academics, enrollment, demographics, culture, and identity. MCD Partners has had a consulting presence in 32 states and 87 cities during the past two years.

In July, 2014, MCD Partners added a Business Division to support entrepreneurial ventures and established businesses in strategically planning for capacity, growth, and sustainability through leadership mentoring, business planning, and the process for plan implementation. MCD Partners also conducts executive searches for business of all sizes, and training programs for diversity, implementing best practices for communications plans for marketing, and business expansion, as well as business retreats for team building and leadership.

MCD Partners has proven success in creating, implementing, and educating others in new models for success in addressing the specific needs of students who experience intergenerational poverty. Dr. McDonald, Founder and CEO of MCD Partners, designed, and implemented, a successful national model for urban education, the Jubilee Schools in Memphis, as well as being the advisor for the creation and implementation of another urban school model, The Independence Mission Schools in Philadelphia.

MCD Partners was named as a finalist in the 2014 Small Business Awards by the Memphis Business Journal. In 2013, the Memphis Business Journal named Dr. McDonald as one of the Super Women in Business.

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