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Forgiveness Lessons From the Heart
Januar 27, 2014
By Dr. Mary C. McDonald

It is said that when everything changes, change everything. It’s quick advice, but a long-term process, especially if holding on to the past is easier than moving on. So what makes the difference in being stuck in a negative situation and being able to discover what lies ahead on the other side of change?

Ask Taylor Tagg. Taylor Tagg is an author, speaker,Radio Show host and a teacher of those soft skills needed to successfully navigate the workplace environment. He is also a forgiveness coach, helping others to move past any negative emotion directed toward others for a real or perceived offense.

Based on the recorded episodes of domestic and workplace violence, road rage and bullying, forgiveness coaching could be an idea whose time has come, and could certainly be a tool to stem the effects of retaliation and anger in any situation.

Taylor teaches what he has learned himself, forgiveness and overcoming adversity. It took him almost 30 years to learn the lessons he now teaches to others. After 20 years in the corporate world as an accountant, he took a bold step to change everything and start his own business.

It was not an accounting business, but a venture into social entrepreneurship. He wanted to help make the quality of life better for others by sharing what he learned and now lives – sustainable peace.

When I asked Taylor, a recent guest on myRadio Show, “Seize the Day,” to put his advice into a few words, he said, “If you want to move from negative living to a positive outlook, then you have to be willing to accept the apology you never received and move on.”

He teaches that adversity in any situation, even significant childhood adversity, is not something that happens to you, but happens for you, so that you can learn and grow from the experiences. Just a look at his website,, is an indication that Taylor walks the talk. Taylor credits much of his new outlook and career move to his uncle, Father Joe Tagg, now deceased, who was a Catholic priest in Memphis.

Taylor was so inspired by Father Joe’s sermons, which had all been recorded, that he compiled them in a series of CDs that are now available to the public. The proceeds go to a foundation, Angel of Kindness, set up at the Community Foundation of Memphis in Father Tagg’s memory. The foundation supports works of charity by serving the immediate needs of those in crises.

Memphis is a great place to turn an idea into a business and has a unique reputation for supporting those who find ways to make life better for all.

In Memphis, there is always room for a new idea, a new way of giving back to the community, another dining experience, a new venue for entertainment, another choice in education, a new look in fashion, a breakthrough discovery in medicine and a new way of living with sustainable peace. Awesome!

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